Technical Rex is a tech company started by Erik Gillespie. The business is operated in and around Lansing, Michigan and at various locations on the Internet. Technical Rex was created as a way to help local businesses develop software but also makes software of its own to help make life a little bit easier for others. Why help a few individuals and businesses when you can just as easily help many?

Technical Rex has two goals:

  1. Share as much as possible.
  2. Make ideas become reality.

They are short and sweet, but they have a lot of depth as well.

The Internet would not exist without sharing. Heck, neither would society! Could you imagine how difficult life would be if the steps to create a fire had never been shared with anyone else? This idea is fundamental to our growth as humans and so Technical Rex embraces sharing.

Creativity and creation are also close to the heart of Technical Rex. There’s something deeply fulfilling about coming up with an idea and seeing it through. When that idea and the creation that results from it are then shared with the world, well that satisfaction just becomes exponentially greater.

That’s Technical Rex in a nutshell.

- Erik